Black Desert Items

Looking for Black Desert Items? All of the BDO Items like armor in Black Desert can be used by any class, although weapons are class-bound. Now Black Desert Items are available on MMOAuctions! This means your best in slot armor for your main character can be traded via the warehouse to your level one new char, which makes leveling your alts very easy. Your equipment is an essential factor in your progression through the game, affecting everything from Vitality to Killing speed. Some BDO Items offers special bonuses to professions such as cooking, fishing, gathering or even luck. Other equipment sets will add bonuses to your attack speed, HP, or movement speed. There are also Gathering Tools in BDO, which includes Butcher and Skinning knives, Pickaxes, Lumbering Axes, Hoes and Fluid Collectors. All items have durability, however, that durability is only consumed when using them to collect their respective resources. The higher the quality of the tool, the faster you will gather resources, and the higher the durability of the tool will be. Looking for BDO items? Check MMOAuctions! Want to know if the seller is trustworthy? Put his data into Scamkiller - MMOAuctions special feature!