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Devilian Items

Devilian Items are located in your inventory. They are divided into three parts: weapons, armors and trinkets. Players can enhance, fuse or upgrade their items in inventory. Gear comes in variety of grades which are: common, superior, rare, heroic, epic, legendary and immortal. The best Devilian Items in your inventory are being auto-equipped. The player can hold up to 200 items in their inventory space. Each item has a lock system which allows you to lock and unlock it. Inventory allows you to sell all unwanted items at once. Simply choose rarity of Devilian Items you would like to get rid of and press "sell". You can use equipment upgrade crystals to upgrade the quality of your items. The crystals can be obtained in daily dungeons. Looking for Devilian Items? You are in the right place! On MMOAuctions you can find wonderfully geared characters in a blink of an eye! Trader seems not to be trustworthy? Put his data into Scamkiller - MMOAuctions special feature!