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Diablo 3 Items

There are tons of D3 Items available in the game. They are not simply just for good looking - they provide you with bonuses necessary to advance in the game. Some D3 Items may even enhance your skills. Some gear parts are class restricted i.e. headwear - spirit stones are dedicated for monk, voodoo masks can be worn by witch doctor and wizard hat - as the name suggests - is worn by wizard. The same goes for weapons, but not all. D3 Items is divided into 5 rarities - common, magic, rare, legendary and set items. Common are white colored and are the weakest ones. Next are magic, colored in blue, tend to be improved version of common items and contain at least one special property. Rares are colored in yellow, harder to find but extremely useful with multiple special properties. Legendary items are colored orange - they are extremely rare to find but also incredibly powerful. Set items are green - when you have all parts you are granted with special bonuses. Looking for Diablo 3 items? Check MMOAuctions!