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Echo of Soul Accounts

EOS Accounts provides you with 6 playable classes. You can choose a class during character creation. First one is Warrior which can be specialized into Berserker, melee DPS, and Protector - typical Tank. Second one is Rogue with Duelist and Assassin as his development paths. Another one is Guardian with Stormguard and Earthguard to be chosen as it's specializations. Sorceress can become Firemage or Frostmage. Archer can develop it's skills as Huntress or Bard. And Warlock's paths are to become Tormentor or Reaper. Other than combat classes, there are also 5 crafting professions to be chosen throughout the gameplay which are: Soul Expert, Resource Collector, Alchemist, Jeweler and Chef. Tired of grinding your favourite class? Looking for a well-developed EOS account, so you wouldn't need to spend hours in game, in order to have fun with it? Check MMOAuctions for EoS Accounts related actual offers!