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Echo of Soul Items

Check the best EOS Items. In Echo of Souls you are able to obtain a variety of wearable and consumable EOS items. Among wearable you can find armors and weapons. Armor is equipment that gives your character multiple defenses against direct damage and provides bonuses to attributes. Some armors will provide a bonus if worn as the whole set. It can be purchased from armor merchants, dropped from enemies or received as a reward from quests and dungeons. Weapons are items that provides you bonuses to attack, attack speed etc. The ones that you are looking for are legendary weapons, the most powerful endgame ones. To craft them you will need a 184lvl weapon + brilliant trapped souls + concentrated resource vitality. Tired of grinding up your gear? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for EoS items offers from players worldwide! Simply search for what you need and get it!