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H1Z1 King of the Accounts

Looking for H1Z1 Account? H1Z1 King of the Kill provides player a unique gameplay system. Players are dropped into the world to fight one another to the death until single person or a small group survives. Gameplay can be divided into Pre-Game, Early Game and End Game. Pre-game starts in lobby called "Box of Destiny". When proper amount of players is in the lobby, a 30 seconds countdown begins. In Early Game players are parachuting down onto the map. After landing players will find weapons in supply. The first fifteen minutes will kill at least half of population. In the End Game there is only small area left for players. They may choose either to win as a group or as a single last man standing. For every match you are given with certain amount of experience points. Proper amount of experience unlock the bounty crate. You are also given a match score - your best 10 games represent your season rank. Looking for virtual goods connected with H1Z1 Accounts? Check MMOAuctions for the latest offers connected with H1Z1 Accounts!