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H1Z1 King of the Kill Currency

H1Z1: King of the Kills has three main currencies which are Crowns, Skulls and Credits. Crowns are King of the Kill exclusive H1Z1 currency. You can purchase Crowns directly with real money. They can be used for purchasing and unlocking crates, backing perfomance and more. Second currency is Skulls. You earn this currency from backing your performance in a match. You can use the obtained Skulls to continue backing your performance or spend them on exclusive rewards such as vehicle skins in Skull Store. The third currency which is Credits can be earned throughout regular gameplay and can be used to back your performance in the match. There is a limit for credits that can be stored on your account. All currencies are used to "bet" on your performance with at least one hundred pieces. Looking for H1Z1 Currency? Check MMOAuctions for the latest H1Z1 currency related offers from players worldwide!