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La Tale is a 2D side-scroller massively multiplayer online role playing game developed by Actoz Soft, taking place in anime universe, now available on MMOAuctions! La Tale offers a tons of well developed features. In La Tale players control a single character that fights with monsters, completes quests, collects items etc. One account has three slots for character with an option to expand it's number to eight. Player can choose it's character's gender, class, appearance and name. There are eight playable starting classes in La Tale, each specialized in one of the four stats in the game: power responsible for attack power, stamina determining HP, magic increasing magic power, and luck with impact on critical rate. Classes in La Tale are: Warrior, Knight, Wizard, Explorer, Engineer, Soul Breaker, Card Master and Wanderer. Looking for virtual goods connected with La Tale? Check MMOAuctions!