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EvE Online often makes headlines with massive in scope battles, huge losses worth thousands of dollars. But such a bloodbath as in recent fight for X47L-Q was unprecedented.
19.06.2018 0
Hauling is one of many jobs players can perform during their time in EvE Online. Often performed by specialized alternate characters, many people concern this a full-time EvE job fulfilling their space-trucker fantasy. In this tutorial, we will cover basics of hauling
17.06.2018 0
Wormholes or W-Space, the final frontier of EvE Online where pilots of all sorts seek riches and glory. Far away from imperial space, with local chat disabled you will never know what danger lurks around the corner. Exploring those hidden pockets of New Eden can prove to be a great source of income for those bold enough to face the dangers inside. We'll take a closer look at the Wormholes to give beginning capsuleers a basic idea of what they are and what to expect on the other side.
04.06.2018 0
It's this time of year again when EvE players can participate in the most unprecedented event in online-gaming history: CSM elections, where they can cast a vote to choose their representatives to the council of capsuleers that guard player interests and negotiate changes with the developers of EvE Online: CCP. 
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After series of PvP and sovereignty changes and expansions, it is high time to give something to those capsuleers that value exploration and PvE combat above anything else.
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EvE Online is a true sandbox with a history of political strife, backstabbing, espionage and betrayal. Space "Game of Thrones" now celebrates 15 years with a brief fan-service video!
16.10.2017 0
CCP revealed at EvE vegas planned boost to the free-to-play alpha accounts and it's massive.
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One of the hot topics of this years' EvE Vegas were the changes to structural combat and its HUGE!
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Every MMO has its dramas but when EVE does it, it makes the news.
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EVE: Lifeblood moon gathering overshadows the small but extremely important changes.