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Sale account. 915 champion points. 7 pumped characters. 1 - warlock dark elf pumped by all branches of the skills to 50 studied a lot of features for crafting the post office . 2 - Night blade dark elf , coming materials for crafting in the mail for the Smith and tailor, but it was fine . 3 - stamina is corser, coming items for the blacksmith. 4 - high elf sorser. He's fined. On him come materials for tailor, the blacksmith and cooks. 5 - Templar was the Argonian coming materials for the forge. 6-stamina warden Nord, 7-Magic warden high elf, 8-Night blade Redguard, 15 LVL.
On account there is a house for 1.2 million. the House has some furnishings, in addition the house has a skeleton for 3kk HP and transmutation station. All the characters are vampires. On the account there are 350 crons. There are many different sets of gold quality and others. From DLS: Morrowind, Imperial city, Orsinium, Horns reach.
On account there.Costumes: death oil mask face pore, the radius of the mask, Blacksmith , Dragons priest, the Emperor's regalia, Mage Guild uniform shirt, Rob
the sixth house, the Wayrest court doublet ensemble.
Skin: Spiderkit
Personality: Assassin, heroic
Polymorphs: maelstorm Baron, xivkindreadguard, xivkinTormentor skeleton.
Mounts: Doom wolf, sorrel horse, " flea"
And some other things you can get for achievements.
+ Many different items
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