L2BT Weapons +13, Sets +8/+6, Chars with Augment

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2018-05-11 01:35:00 166
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Char's with Augment's
Titan(Base) with Draconic Bow +13 (Duel Might Passive)
Ghost Sentinel(Base) with Draconic Bow +13 (Duel Might Chance 2min)
Evas Saint's(Base) with 3x AM's +13(Augment Nuker Attack)/ 1x Arcana Mace Mana UP +10 ( Augment Celestial Shield) + Plus Olympiad Points(easy hero)
4x Draconic Bows +13 Focus
3x Arcana Mace's +13 Acumen
Heavens Divider +13 Focus
Dragon Hunter Axe +13 Health
Forgotten Blade +13 Focus
1x Set Dark Crystal Robe +8
2x Set Draconic +8
1x Set Imperial Crusader +8
1x Set Draconic +6
2x Set Dark Crystal Robe +6
1x Set Imperial Crusader +6
1x Set Tallum Robe +6
1x Set Majestic Light +6
3x Set's Tateossian +8
2x Set's Tateossian +6
Farm Iten's
120k Event Medal's
80k G Medal's
200+ GB's
400 Gold Apigas

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