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2018-03-20 08:44:50 603
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Hello there!
Try us and stop wasting time on endless farming, enjoy the game ;)! and get the items NOW!

We are providing almost all end-game items that are available ingame!
We can get for you everything you can dream about (all is a matter of price :D)


Lindvior Earring
+12 PvE Fists 3SA
Blessed Valakas
+8 PvE Light set
+10 R99 Hvy set
+10 PvE Light set
+12 PvP Bow 3SA
+12 PvE Fighter 2SA

=FREYA= (possible to transfer to CHRONOS)

+16 PvE Retributer 3SA (7/7 tyrr)
+10 PvP Light SET
Talisman - Insanity

Trade is being performed Face-To-Face in a spot selected by one of our Agents.
Please have some trash items prepared for the exchange.

The price might vary depending on the item Adena value.
For more information contact us at MMOAuctions or visit www.sellersandfriends.com and open Livechat.

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