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Selling Vanilla Bot + Rotations + over 200 Profiles

2018-05-16 21:51:22 674
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Im selling here my Vanilla Grinding Bot.
It works on every 1.12 Version.
The Bot is undetected!!!
We took over this Bot and adding alot more features to it like upcoming Questing / BG Features.

The Bot is designed to be as easy as possible.
So if you want to make a profile on your own its not a problem .
You can do this completly on your own with the build in profile maker !

After the payment you get unlimited access to the Bot this means Lifetime + unlimited use of the Bot.
All Updates are free .
The price will raise with upcoming features and probably monthly subscriptions.

What is included right now:

The bot version 0.08, fight classes for every class, alot of profiles over 200 , 1-60 profiles for alliance and horde

Current Version:
Improved momevemt behavior
improved alot fight classes
added some human behaviors

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payment verified
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