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GW2 Raid boss kills (Legendary Insight)

35.00 USD

2018-05-17 15:21:39 438
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This offer is for 12-13 weekly raid boss kills for Legendary Insights and other loot that comes with it.

You need a level 80 character with exotic or better gear that can be played in the current meta.

You will also need 'Leyline Gliding' mastery for Xera. (If you have it you will get 13 kills, if you don't you will get 12 kills.)

If you are not sure about your gear feel free to drop me a msg and i will take a look at it.

How this works:
I will log in to your account and do your raids for you. It usually takes 2 log-ins (EU) or 3 log-ins (NA) for getting all bosses.

Once the payment and first login is done, you can go on and play as normal.
I will send you a msg (via pm, skype,discord etc.) in advance whenever i have a suitable group for you (something like 'i want to log for your raids in 15 mins').
I will log in and start raiding. I will notify you when i log out with a small status report (for ex: 'Logged out for now, 8 bosses done')

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