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Giant private server shop! Over 100 accounts. Kronos, Lightshope,Elysium,Warmane and others!

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Avoid getting scammed by buying from random people. Use my service. I have completed over 2000 deals so far and received more than 400 feedbacks.

Every account you buy from me is checked by me and is safe to buy



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I am offering to sell accounts and characters on Lightbringer,Nighthaven, Kronos and Warmane servers. Also if you are in need of gold on those servers dont hesitate to add me.
I am also looking to buy accounts on these servers!

Take a look on what i have to offer and if you like something please contact me.
Each of my accounts is legit and completely safe. Each account is checked and, upon purchase, you will get all required info.

My shop is updated daily so make sure you check it often for new characters! If you are looking for specific character that i don't have, let me know and i will give my best to find you what you want.

I am also looking to BUY your accounts on those servers. If you are bored of playing or just want to get any money out of it add me and we will make a deal.

Because i have huge amount of accounts to offer i wont be listing them here. Instead you can take a look at my website to see what i have. There is detailed info about each account. Use filters to select your desired server and browse. Prices are not displayed on website because they change often. For info about prices add me on skype. I am always up for chat. There is also chat available on my website

You can also sell your account via my website. Just fill in sale form with as much info as you can and submit it for a review. If i find your char interesting i will contact you.

Please visit my website at WWW.WOW-ACCOUNTSHOP.COM


[I am buying Warmane coins and Kronos twinstars! Any amount!

You dont trust the other guy but you want safe trade? No problem! My middleman services are available for a small fee! I will make your trade secure!

You want to sell gold on Elysium, Lightbringer, and Kronos? I am looking for steady suppliers. Add me and lets talk!

I am able to sell you any amount of Kronos TWINSTARS

You need warmane coins? I am selling them at very good price!

You want to sell your Kronos, Light's hope,Nighthaven,Icecrown,Outland or Lordaeron char? Add me and we will work out a deal for sure!

Join my facebook group by clicking [URL=""]THIS LINK[/URL]

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