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[Ignite-Flyff Server] Ignite Flyff perins Shop

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Perin Shop
10 Perins = 7€

Why should you choose me?
because I offer you a fast, secure transaction with good reputation *with account since 2015 at Epvp*. I also do not offer large amounts. I have had enough time as a reliable seller and no complaints or ban have been obtained from my clients.

(Epvp reference)

Ban risk is always present, I can not assure 100% that this will not happen; You know that this is unlawful, if you continue I can not be responsible for lost accounts and I will not refund the money once the transaction is finished.

Before buying you should consult the stock; The published price is for each 10 perins.

Paypal Condition
Note: i'm paying for virtual goods and wont refund the money.

Verification status
payment verified
My acceptable payment methods
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Recommends contact methods.

Please always use on-site chat for trades.

Other contact methods

Using any other contact methods than on-site message puts you in the higher risk of getting scammed.