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Toordle’s Extremely Cheap Boosts

About me:
I offer premium quality League of Legends Boosting

My goal is to provide you with the best and cheap service , to help you achieve your desired ranking in LoL. I also offer the option to play on your account in offline mode

Ranked “Duo Queue” Service will be available to purchase

I currently boost on the NA region

Privacy and Security:

A Virtual Private Network (VPN)/IP Mask is used by me to ensure the safety of all customer accounts. The IP Address used to do your boost will be one located geographically similar to the customer’s location


Customer and Account safety is my highest priority. You can be assured that you are in good hands as your satisfaction keeps me in business!

Skype: or PM

Division Pricing:
(you must gain 18 lp per win to qualify for division pricing)

Bronze 5 -> Bronze 4 [$5 USD]
Bronze 4 -> Bronze 3 [$5 USD]
Bronze 3 -> Bronze 2 [$5 USD]
Bronze 2 -> Bronze 1 [$6 USD]
Bronze 1 -> Silver 5 [$8 USD]
Bronze 5 -> Silver 5 Discounted Bundle [$26 USD]
Bronze Net Wins [$1 USD]

Silver 5 -> Silver 4 [$7 USD]
Silver 4 -> Silver 3 [$7 USD]
Silver 3 -> Silver 2 [$7 USD]
Silver 2 -> Silver 1 [$8 USD]
Silver 1 -> Gold 5 [$11 USD]
Silver 5 -> Gold 5 Discounted Bundle [$38 USD]
Silver Net Wins [$2 USD]

Gold 5 -> Gold 4 [$10 USD]
Gold 4 -> Gold 3 [$10USD]
Gold 3 -> Gold 2 [$10 USD]
Gold 2 -> Gold 1 [$12 USD]
Gold 1 -> Platinum 5 [$16 USD]
Gold 5 -> Plat 5 Discounted Bundle [$55 USD]
Gold Net Wins [$3 USD]

Payment Options: PayPal Only

Terms & Conditions:
By making a purchase the user agrees to and accepts the follow statements:
- Refunds will not be given for boosting-related bans.
- I am held responsible for reports and bans related to third party services like scripting or botting.
- If you would like to cancel your boost, a partial refund is available depending how far I have boosted.
- At no time during the boost may the customer sign on to play without our express permission.
- Failure to follow any of my terms may result in a cancellation of your service or additional charges.
- My company reserves the right to take action against your account if fraudulent activity occurs.
- Upon availability you may request the use of my VPN service and Offline feature.
- I will not speak to anyone on your friends list during the boost.
- Rush orders may be purchased at 20% of the order price to ensure 10+ games played per day.
- Customers may request a specific champion pool for 10% more of the order price.

- It is recommended to wait 24 hours after the boost is completed to log-in.
- If a division is unable to be attained, you will be refunded for any remaining division from the purchase.
- Sales trashing will automatically make support, future updates and the refund policy void.
- Opening a chargeback will automatically make your support, future updates and refund policy void.
- I can change these policies whenever we want without an update notice.

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My acceptable payment methods
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Please always use on-site chat for trades.

Other contact methods

Using any other contact methods than on-site message puts you in the higher risk of getting scammed.