♣ FirestormServers: Sylvanas LEGION Gold! ♣

2.00 EUR

2018-06-04 21:52:40 249
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selling World of Warcraft P-Server Gold at Sylvanas Legion Realm on Firestorm.
We have huge capacitys of Gold so you can buy as much as you like. And we
are cheaper then the official Firestorm Store.

10.000 (10k) Gold
Firestorm Price: 2€
FireGold Price (me): 1,75€

100.000 (100k) Gold
Firestorm Price: 8€
FireGold Price (me): 6,75€

500.000 (500k) Gold
Firestorm Price: 20€
FireGold Price (me): 18,75€

Payable via: BTC or PayPal!

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