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Leupecs Fortnite Boosting Service | Reliable and Cheap Win/Challenge Boosting | Up to 25% off prices

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Leupecs Fortnite Boosting Service

Welcome to Leupecs' Fortnite Boosting service.

Our boosters have around 3 years experience with Battle Royal games ranging from H1Z1 to PUBG to Fortnite and now we want to share our experience with you by helping you out. Many of our boosters have already put hundreds of hours into Fortnite have have gained many wins in the process whilst also playing together as friends and winning above 50% of games in squads on nights we play together just for fun. All together with the current boosters, we have close to 1000 wins. We have all had over 15 kill games in solo and squads and a few of us have had 20+ kill games (photo proof below). Along with me being rated in the top 100 of PUBG when I used to play (photo proof below).


You can receive multiple discounts through many different ways. If you leave a review on the review tab in the discord server you will get:
- 15% off your second purchase.
If you refer a friend to us:
- 1 friend: 15% off
- 2 friends: 20% off
- 3 friends: 25% off

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Discord: Leupecs#7773
Skype: live:bca5bbb76aa27be0

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