Level 88 75 Attack Pure 99 Strength,99 Hitpoints,99Mage,99 Range,1 Defence KBD Pet

350.00 USD

2018-06-10 11:21:22 312
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Hey there Selling my Maxed 75 Attack pure as it's surplus to requirements I have many accounts and don't play this one.

I'm The original owner so will come with all creational information.

Account Stats
75 Attack
99 Strength
1 Defence
99 Range
52 Prayer
99 Magic
99 Hitpoints

Completely maxed for 1 defence pure

Fully Quested
Desert Treasure, Monkey Madness, Lost City, Mithril Gloves
King Black Dragon Pet

Imbued Capes, Ghostly, Full Zamorak Book, Full book of darkness & Bandos Book Firecape & Mithril Gloves
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payment verified
My acceptable payment methods
Bank Transfer
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