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Hello i want to introduce my newest Fortnite Bot:

All in all, the bot does the following:

Start a new game
Waits until you automaticly drop
Waits until you die (through the zone or other players)
Returns to lobby
Clicks away the random news popup
Starts a new game

These features are already implemented or will be added soon by updates:

Uses pixel and image detection, random window name, mouse simulation and realistic mouse movement,
to minimize the risk of getting banned (already there!)
Adjustable mouse speed (already there!)
Select your screen resolution (not completly there! only supports 1680x1050 atm)
Stop Bot after x rounds/minutes (already there!)
Stop Bot after x minutes
Stop Fortnite after x rounds/minutes
Shut down PC after x rounds/minutes
Wait for x seconds inside the lobby (already there!)
Wait for x seconds after you died
Add a random time period in ms to these values

Within about 20 minutes, with a battle pass, up to 400 EXP are possible.

The price is 15€ and includes lifetime update support.



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