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Metin2 AELDRA ( Selling my lvl 75 warrior account worth ~2kkk

2018-07-14 13:54:14 748
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I have my lvl 75 worth at least 2kkk. I have P aura, Buffi P and G, mount(30% metin), pet(2k pv, 15% mobs, 10% metins), weapon skin(15% 15% 15%, mobs, bosses, metines) and a head skin with 15 15 15 as well and 60kk on it as well. I consider it pretty cheap since the 2 skins are worth 250 DMs, bufi 75 DMs, mount and pet 140 DMs. Total 465 DMs. 450 DMs on the website costs 25€. The aura and lvl 75 is pretty hard to get and to consider that i still have some farmed items worth about 200kk (300kk=75 DMs).

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