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Selling LOL account EUNE. 70lvl. 11Skins. 2Legendaries. Silver III.

5.00 USD

2018-07-17 15:43:38 248
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So I decided to sell League of Legends account, because my nervous system is not yet advanced enough to handle non-skill based game and dumb players...
You can see pretty much everything that account has in pictures, link for them:
Account was NEVER botted, scripted or cheated. I never received ban. Account is on original email.
Three mains on account (mastery points):
174k Yasuo
72k Zed
30k Lux
Three rune pages.
Has silver IV borders.

My skype: kristupas.kristupas1
If You don't want to go first, we can use middle-man.
We can have a talk.
Price: 10$ Why so cheap? I want to purchase GTA V on steam until 21st of July!

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