WTS My MAXED Runescape 3 account linked with a Maxed Melee OSRS Account!

350.00 EUR

2018-07-18 22:36:33 193
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Selling my MAXED Runescape 3 account which is linked to an OSRS account with 1780 Total Level. (RS3 account has 700M Exp, OSRS account has 95M Exp).

STATUS: Screenshot - c59b482e57dfb8a4fcb06fb4db598d6a - Gyazo
Login screen: Screenshot - 4711ba9c2fff3fd7f0025d8f5f905a98 - Gyazo+

Pictures of both accounts:
Stats: -RS3: Screenshot - a08f70c81f91eba959cf2ca0997731e3 - Gyazo
-OSRS: Screenshot - 956e09df898dc27e03db4144f0ef1ee7 - Gyazo
Valuables: -RS3: Screenshot - 648f83b8baa0f90f4c00e5857f369761 - Gyazo
-OSRS: Screenshot - 7fec0323c511873aa412579ec3d8faa0 - Gyazo

Pm me on discord: KittyExtreme#3276

Thanks in advance guys!

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