WTS Tyrr Titan 105 / Yul Moonlight Sentinel 101

150.00 EUR

2018-08-01 17:00:30 236
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Rage +10 Haste
Feral Bear Cry +10 Counter
Spirit of the Slayer +10 Might
Second Wind +10 Might
Frenzy +10 Time
Furious Slasher +10 Time
Brave Spear +6 Counter
Feral Ogre Cry +5 Counter
Force of Nature +5 Honor
Power Rivival +5 Honor
Giant Barrier +5 Time
Eruption +5 Chance
Power Bomber +5 Chance
Hurricane Rush +5 Chance

Radiant Brooch
Ruby lv.3
Opal lv.3
Red Cat's Eye lv.3
Emerald lv.3
Vital lv.3
Taurus Stage 2
Scorpio Stage 1

Dyes +5 STR x3
Physical Reflect Shirt +10
Giant Trackers Talisman Stage 10
Turtle Ascetic Summon Necklace +Minion Coupon (5 hour)

Quests and Factions

Kingdom's Royal Guards - lvl 8
Mother Tree Guardians - lvl 7
Blackbird Clan- lvl 6
Fishing Guild-lvl 6
Hunters Guild-lvl 6
Giant Trackers-lvl 6
Unworldly Visitors-lvl 6

All exalted quests-DONE

Account have another characters, all nobless
Tyrr Grand Khavatari-99 lvl
Eviscerator-99 lvl
Sayha's Seers x 85 lvl
Yul Ghost Sentinel 85 lvl
Tyrr Dreadnought 91 lvl (perfectly made for pavel ruins farm)

For more questions
Can contact me in skype: oldfuneral83

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