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Angrathar Best Alliance geared (PvP+PvE) Retribution paladin + 4.2gs DK

2018-08-11 11:59:43 283
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Hello there! Selling my account on Sunwell Angrathar with:
1. Human female Paladin - ToC ready character with a lot of options
-4.75k PvE gs (Ret), most geared Alliance ret pala atm with almost BiS gear, 239 Vezzax sword etc. Many ret pieces in bank for switching in some situations if you gonna tryhard.
-Full 226 offset + 2 pieces of Furious set + T1 weapon for PvP (Ret). 3k+ arena points and 2k+ rating included if you want to buy some holy pieces or full Furious ret set, 75k honor points
-Emblems: Conquest - 110+, Valor - 120+, Heroism - 300+
-Some pve Prot and Holy items for offspec
-450 JC (All wotlk recipes except storm peaks drop)\450 Enchanting (All wotlk recipes except Ulduar)
-280% mount
-Starcaller and Undying titles
-Tabard of the Defender

2. Human female Death Knight - Pre Ulduar BiS geared (except belt+boots) DK Tank
-4.2 PvE gs tank with a lot of options in bank for avoidance set, +armor, etc
-Full Hateful offset PvP gear, 2 Deadly set pieces + 3 Hateful,
-450 Mining\450 JC
-All wotlk exalted reputations for buying shoulders\head enchants
-Emblems: Valor - 50, Heroism - 240
-Undying title
-280% mount
-Full epic\rare Dps set

3k gold on account
NO e-mail included, but I will help you with any account operations at any time, I'm always online on Discord, lifetime warranty.
Payment method - Paypal. Money first or middleman. Add me if you have any questions: Skype - nostpwlvl, Discord - murloc#5681

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