Looking for ArcheAge EU suppliers - EZI, JAKAR, TARIS - Paying with PayPal - TRUSTED SELLER!

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2018-03-20 19:07:38 435
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If you want to sell some of your stock or totally quit the game, contact us!
We are buying Gold. Face-2-Face trades at Mirage Island most of the times or other selected location.
We buy gold on servers: EZI, JAKAR, TARIS
Min. amount we buy: 100 Gold

Paying instantly with Paypal or Skrill.

All trades are performed via LiveChat on our website! www.sellersandfriends.com
The buy rates for Gold will be set 2-3days after the server launch. All prices are negotiated individually.

Gain cash from your hobby!

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Please always use on-site chat for trades.

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Using any other contact methods than on-site message puts you in the higher risk of getting scammed.