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Welcome to Sellers And Friends middleman service.

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Welcome to Sellers And Friends middleman service.

If you want to make a trade with another person over the internet but are not quite sure if that someone can be trusted, we are here to help.

Message us with the details of the deal you want to make (including as much information about the second party as possible, price, place and time of the deal) and we will message you back with an offer.
If we agree to become a middleman between you and the other party this means the transaction goes through our bank account which gives both sides 100% delivery guarantee and fraud protection.
We will everything to complete the deal according to the deal description. If you need more information message us here.

(please note that we require that both parties have accounts on MMOAcutions)

We provide our middleman service to item and currency trades, we do not parti**censored**te in account related exchanges.

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Recommends contact methods.

Please always use on-site chat for trades.

Other contact methods

Using any other contact methods than on-site message puts you in the higher risk of getting scammed.