Original World of Warcraft (Vanilla) Collector's Edition Pets

699.00 USD

2018-10-26 02:02:43 165
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These three battle pets come from the very rare World of Warcraft Original (Vanilla) Collector's Edition. Upon use you will receive the achievement for owning such CE and the battle pets added to your collection. I have tested transferring these and sold them to a happy customer.

New original WoW CE's sell on eBay for $4000+ and are hard to find, especially in the US. I am not charging anywhere near $4000, but as far as in game items these are the only rewards you get from the Vanilla CE and they are EXTREMELY RARE.

Buyers will receive all 3 exclusive pets:

Diablo Stone - Mini Diablo
Zergling Leash - Zergling
Panda Collar - Panda

Please, only serious offers contact me. I understand these are niche items and as such I will be patient with the sale. Upon purchase I will transfer a level 10 character to an account you set up. From there the pets are yours to transfer to your main account. If you need help with the transfers I can assist.

Contact: Discord: godsplan3288#1344

Thank you!

*Disclaimer* The pets will unlock the achievement for owning a Vanilla CE game, but I am NOT selling a sealed Vanilla CE. This listing is for the in-game items only.

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