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1000+ CP Account 13 Max Characters Original Owner

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Account –
Imperial Edition original account owner with no bans, played since beta, trying to sell because I no longer play the game
1,830 Crowns 164 Crown Gems
Summerset Chapter, Morrowind DLC, Imperial City DLC, Orsinium DLC, Thieves Guild DLC (if you end up buying ESO+ you get all DLCs for free, but these are already purchased so you can use them even if you don’t have ESO+)
13 Max Level Characters, all have gear for endgame PvE and/or PvP
600k+ in gold coins between characters and bank (bank has max capacity), 45K+ Telvar Stones, 3M+ Alliance Points, 290 Crafting Writs
Bank is stocked with tons of Undaunted Helm/Shoulders, Maelstrom Weapons, Dragonstar Weapons, Asylum Weapons, and plenty of useful untradeable gear from PvE and PvP, and 50+ Gold items
Crafting bag valued at 1.2M (plenty of materials from common to legendary for whatever crafting needs you may have)
200+ Transmute Stones + lots of Uncracked Geodes to get more transmute stones
100+ Undaunted Chest keys spread out between the characters
Massive amount of collectibles ranging from common to rare to exclusive, well over half of all Outfit Styles unlocked for use in the outfit system in the game
Coveted Hard Mode Trial and Dungeon Skins
Grand Psijic Villa and Forsaken Stronghold in-game houses

Characters -
AD Imperial Nightblade
Main Character
9 trait max crafter
Titles – Flawless Conqueror, Tamriel Hero, Silencer + 40 more
Max Horse – 60 speed 60 stamina 60 capacity
Well over 75% of motifs learned for crafting and outfits
Max Bag Space

AD Dark Elf Dragonknight
30+ Gold Items + plenty of other gear more PvE focused
Titles – Flawless Conqueror, Assistant Alienist + more
Horse – 60 Speed 60 Stamina 49 Capacity

AD Breton Templar
10+ Gold Items + many other gear sets focused on healing
Titles – Flawless Conqueror, Battleground Butcher + more
Horse – 60 Speed 60 Stamina 54 Capacity

AD High Elf Sorceror
15+ Gold Items + plenty of other gear sets focused towards PvP
Titles – Flawless Conqueror, Master Wizard, Undaunted + more
Horse – 60 speed 22 Stamina 23 Capacity

AD Redguard Templar
25+ Gold Items + other gear sets for PvE
Titles – Flawless Conqueror, Bane of Beast Men + more
Horse – 60 speed 29 Stamina 29 Capacity

AD Imperial Dragonknight
20+ Gold items + plenty of other tanking related sets for PvE
Titles – Flawless Conqueror, Divayth Fyr’s Coadjutor, Blackmarrow’s Bane, Dovahkriid + many more
Max Horse – 60 Speed 60 Stamina 60 Capacity

AD Redguard Sorceror
10 Gold items + other PvE related gear
Titles – Flawless Conqueror, Peak Scaler + more
Horse – 60 Speed 13 Stamina 13 Capacity

DC Dark Elf Dragonknight
20+ Gold items + other PvP related gear
Titles – Grand Champion + more
Horse – 60 Speed 0 Stamina 1 Capacity

EP Dark Elf Nightblade
5+ Gold ietms + other PvP related gear
Titles – Flawless Conqueror + more
Horse – 45 Speed 0 Stamina 0 Capacity

DC Redguard Dragonknight
15+ Gold ietms + plenty of other PvP related gear
Titles – Grand Champion, Bloodletter, Battleground Butcher + more
Horse – 60 speed 2 Stamina 4 Capacity

DC Orc Templar
0 items really just used for space since I ran out of bank space at one point, it is maxed though with most stamina related skill trees, so definitely useable if you want to build a solid stamplar for pvp or pve

DC Wood Elf Warden
Gold 5 piece Seventh Legion set, sort of the same thing as the Orc above, really don’t use it anymore because Stam Warden was OP at one point and it wasn’t even fun to play but skill trees are maxed, definitely able to throw some gear on it from another character and use it as a PvP character

EP High Elf Warden
Gear sets for PvP, same thing as the 2 above didn’t use it that much stopped playing the game shortly after I maxed this character, has max skill tress so definitely useable for PvP and/or PvE if you want to use it instead of bank space

Contact me for any more additional info or photos you would like, payment through paypal only, thanks!

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