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Legend gearing bundle [350-380 ilvl]

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Legend gearing bundle [380 ilvl]:
Legend gearing bundle [350-380 ilvl] allows you to catch up to your friends or on your alts up to 380 iLvl.
This bundle offers you various epic items and a chance of some mount drops from some of the mythic+ dungeons and Mythic raids.
Also there is a possibility that we do it only on PL or a sort of ML where all the loot that your character can wear would be traded to you.
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120 lvl Character
For Horde you need to have Zandalar Forever! completed to get in the King’s Rest dungeon and 7,5k reputation in Honored from the Honorbound to get in the Siege of Boralus.
For Alliance you need to have The Pride of Kul Tiras completed to get in the Siege of Boralus dungeon and 7,5k reputation in honored from the 7th Legion to get in the King’s Rest dungeon.
baseline 345+ iLvl gear with a chance to go higher depending on your mythic+ level choice
Various achievements
A chance on some pets and a chance of the rare mount drops that drop from the respective mythic dungeons as well

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