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120 362 Shaman Mage Tower weaps /120 Priest, 8 110s, invincible,Spectral Cloud,Overwatch/D3 included

2018-11-21 19:33:42 253
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Not your average account - Achievements, mounts and titles since launch.
120 362 Orc Resto/Ele Shaman, 120 Priest, 8+ 110s
Invincible, Spectral Cloud Serpent, Ironbound Drake, Twilight Drake,
plus plenty more over 325 mounts plus 400 pets
Over 12k achievement points, almost every raid title from Vanilla to
WoD including Undying, Kingslayer, Delver of the Vaults (now
unattainable, realm first Algalon, Savior of Azeroth and many more.
Looking to give someone a really good deal so don't let the lower
price scare you, just ready to move on!

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