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DESCRIPTION is brand new bot for Black Desert Online. It is undetectable by xigncode, because it is not using any of the game dlls, patching, memory scan etc. It is developed for giving the user flexible options without decreasing in silver income.

We made excellent Auto Fishing, Afk Fishing, Marketplace Sniper, Processing Bot. Videos are available on our site



*Human Generated Mouse Movements
*Random Actions while waiting for something
*Unique Randomness for every action for every user (like humans)
*Every precaution is taken and included in the codes for user safety
*Export-import auction and processing lists for later use
*Mobile notifications
*Works in every condition
*No complicated interfaces, easy-to-use, easy to setup
*Up-to-Date Always

Auto Fishing - AFK Fishing

*Highly sensitive and solid Radar System
*Auto Switches to AFK Mode when a player is nearby
*Filtering items while fishing (blues, greens, yellows, event items etc.)
*Automatic Rod Changing
*Automatic Fish Drying
*Automatic Worker Feeding
*AFK Fishing mode with Rod Change + Worker Feed + Fish Drying

Marketplace Sniper (Auction Bot)

*Add items with max price and buy count, buy items with best prices
*No item limit, add anything you want, create a shopping list, bot will cycle your list
*Automatic Worker Feeding

Advanced Processing Bot

*No costume needed
*Add as many recipes as you want
*No Weight problems, Auto handling weight
*No inventory sorting problems, no pre-setup
*Storing items after processing
*Continous processing
*Automatic Worker Feeding


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