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+10 dark light set (healer app)
+10 shiny shirt (+8 shiny shirtx2 in WH)
+15 elmore 7.5p skill crit dmg; 15% p/m skill power
+8 ruler authority
+18 dark bow 3sa(lv8 and sigel)
+5 radiant authority (+5% pvp dmg)
+5 outlaw's eyepatch (+2 m.evation; pull resist 2%)
+7 bless antharas (pdef +203;mental poison resist 6%)
+9 lindivor earring (p evation +3; earth resist +3)
+7 bless valakas (holy resist +10; bleed resist +5)
+6 ruler's ring of authority (aligment def +30)
+7 tauti ring (mdef +203; knock back/knock down 2%)
+6 special earring- stun
+5 baium soul ring (p evation +2;bleed resist 2%)
+3 frintezza soul neck (m evation +2; knock back/knock down resist +2%)
+5 earth wyrm heart ring (patk +212;mental resist +10)
talisman kingdom lv10
talisman unworldly visitor lv10
talisman giant trackers lv10
talisman blackbird lv10
talisman insanity
7s talisman
venir lv16
abandance talisman lv4
str +0 6 slot dimentional bracelet
tauti bracelet +4 str
evolved agathion- taurus stage 5 all sorts of agathion(mostly high and mid grade)
+15dex +13 cha dye (have +5 str +4cha x10 in WH)
6 slot brooch
almost all lv4 except vit,aqua
greater emerald
greater cat eye
ruby 5
opal 5
all type of suppplies alot of them
marph shirt +7
dual cl**censored** +10dex +5str +15 luc
dual cl**censored** for enchanting up to 80+ luc with alien, luc pot, castle cloak,hair acc
bunch of agathions for getting ready for agathion charm event (for yul boost mostly)
reflect dmg agument
p skill crit dmg agument
giant battleroar agument
party return agument
double weight agument
giant crit dmg weakness agument
pm me for detail.

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