Account with Sorceror lvl 62 + Sorceror Lvl 40 full of goof stuff (price is NEGOTIABLE)

1,000.00 EUR

2019-01-12 18:52:10 46
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Im selling my account cause im going to quit L2. All lvl manuall (i was a very active player).
My accounts has this 2 chars:

Sorceror Level 62 :

- Full b Grade Avadon Set
- 2 jewels B grade + 3 Jewels C grade
- Ghoul Staff +4
- Agathion
- Bracelet
- lot of materials
- Clan/sivler coins
- other stuff
-Dyes +4INT/+4WIT/+4CON

Sorceror Level 40 :

- Atuba Hammer + 3
- Karmian Set + boots (Helmet D grade)
- Elven Jewels Set (d Grade)
- materials and other Stuff
- Dyes +4WIT/+4INT

Both Accounts with VIP lvl 4
I Also have other stuff that i can add to this (Adena, Supporters Char, Equipment, etc etc)
Im looking for a good/honest deal,

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