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Skelth L2 Classic - Mage with full support group :)

2019-01-17 13:55:58 230
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I have for sale a Lv77 mage with Lv78 Overlord and two rechargers both 77 (SE & EE). The accounts come with original emails and can either be geared up or naked. However discounts can and will be applied if the accounts are taken with gear. The party can efficiently farm at any current location on the map, all the characters have loads of exp boosters and high exp scrolls from Baium and CA, the OL, SE, EE have so many that they can go 79 in a click. If the offer is right I can take them to Baium and make all supports Lv79. The characters have the most important skills learnt for their levels and can be ran as a CP or join any top side.

Mage: +3 Top A 2H Blunt & +6 Avadon Robe Set
OL: +3 BW Robe Set and Phoenix Jwls & Great Axe with Lv7 Iss MP Reg
SE: +3 Zubei Robe Set & Mixed B Jewels & Top C 2h Staff with Lv7 Iss MP Reg
EE: +3 BW Robe Set & BO Set & Mid C 1h Staff with Lv6 Iss MP Reg

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