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Account has been bought during Mists of Pandaria expansion.
I'm first owner. Digitally bought.Contains below games besides WOW

Destiny (Inc.Expansion)
Diablo III

✔Achievements 18000+
✔Account Honor Level 56
✔Total Kill Count 65.000+
✔Total Reputation Count 78
✔Total Title Count +70
✔Total Mount Count 279
✔Total Unique Pet 195
✔174 Legacy Achievement – mostly relevant with PVP
✔49 Feats of Strength Achievement – mostly relevant with both PVP/PVE
✔Gold 100.000+
✔Achieved Wow’s Anniversary 9,10,11,12,14
✔Total Armor Collected 33 Sets (only for warrior)

BFA Main and Alt

120 level Arms/Fury Warrior 378 ilvl, Orc, Male
120 level BM Hunter 348 ilvl, Mag’har Orc, Male

Before BFA Main

120 level Arms Warrior 344 ilvl, Human, Male

Several Alts (Non-maxed)

110 level Protection Paladin Human, Male
110 level Fire Mage Human, Male
110 level Havoc Demon Hunter Belf, Male
101 level BM Hunter Human, Male
98 level Havoc Demon Hunter Nelf, Male
91 level Assassination Rogue Undead, Male
46 level Assassination Rogue Human, Male

MOUNTS: ⚡279
•Several prestigious war mounts*All vicious war mounts*Several boss & craft mounts such as Kua’fon, Antoran Charhound, Fire Hawk, Sky Golem, Invincible, Onyxian Drake etc.
✔All PvP Seasons 1 to 26 collected all armors
✔Vanilla Grand Marshal & High Warlord Complete Set collected. RBG Ranked.
✔Legion Season 3 Elite Set collected.
✔Battle for Azeroth Season 1 Elite Set collected.
✔Mag’har Heritage Armor
✔Several sub-races unlocked. (Exc.Dark Iron Dwarves)

Arms & Fury geared Warrior 383 ilvl Male

120 lvl | 383 ilvl Orc Warrior - Safe Armory

Jewelcrafting & Mining – All profession plans & progress achieved (Completely)
Most Valuable Achievements
*RBG Warbringer title.
*Arena Rival title
*Uldir Curve

✔Heart of Azeroth: 387 ilvl, Azerite Power Level: 32
✔Uldir – 8/8 HC 3/8 Mythic Ahead of the Curve
✔Rival:Battle for Azeroth Season 1
✔ Stone Guard – 1.6KRBG:Battle for Azeroth Season 1

-Champions of Azeroth Exalted
-Talanji’s Expedition Exalted
-The Honorbound Exalted
-Tortollan Seekers Exalted
-Voldunai Exalted
-Zandalari Empire Exalted

Before BFA was active with Human Warrior as below;

Arms geared Warrior 344 ilvl Male

120 lvl | 344 ilvl Human Warrior - Safe Armory

Engineering & Jewelcrafting – All profession plans & progress achieved till BFA (Completely) Secondary professions fulfilled.
Most Valuable Achievements
*Rank 12 RBG Marshal titled.
*2s & 3s 2K achievements.
*All Content – Curve

✔Heart of Azeroth: 330 ilvl, Azerite Power Level: 26
✔Uldir – 5/8 LFR

✔The Emerald Nightmare HC
✔Trial of Valor HC Ahead of the Curve
✔The Nighthold HC Ahead of the Curve
✔Tomb of Sargeras HC Ahead of the Curve
✔Antorus, the BT HC Ahead of the Curve

✔Challenger:Legion Season 6
✔Challenger:Legion Season 3
✔Cruel Elite 2K(Legion Season 3 & 4 Elite Set)
✔Challenger:Warlords of Draenor Season 3
✔Soldier of the Horde:Warlords of Draenor Season 3
✔Highmaul Coliseum – Lord of War
✔ Marshal – 2.2K Elite RBG:Mists of Pandaria Season 1

-Champions of Azeroth 1932 / 3000 Neutral
-7th Legion 1953 / 12000 Honored
-Order of Embers 111 / 21000 Revered
-Tortollan Seekers 3379 / 6000 Friendly
-Proudmoore Admiralty 8417 / 12000 Honored
-Storm’s Wake 9914 / 12000 Honored

Old Content (soon Justicar)
-Silverwing Sentinels 2933 / 21000 Revered
-Stormpike Guard 13355 / 21000 Revered
-The League of Arathor Exalted
Over 70 Faction Exalted.
1 X 110 Character Level Boost ready to use.

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