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390 iLvl rogue -> Dread Gladiator's protodrake -> High warlord -> 36 lvl azerite neck

2019-01-31 22:08:41 220
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Hi, i am selling a blood elf rogue. A bit of info regarding the account:

120 Blood elf Rogue

Almost 37 lvl azerite necklace

7/8 Mythic uldir before the latest patch


HIGH WARLORD/RBG achievements

Vicious saddle mount

Season 1 PVP mount

390 iLvL, ready for the new raid!

Elite transmog BFA season 1

Dread gladiaor's tabard

Three's company 2400 arena

Stacked account that gives you the opportunity to get in to hardcore raiding/PVP'ing.

Original owner, and every information will be given upon the transaction.

Price is only 400 euros. Can also accept offers

Add on skype: predrag1236

Add on discord: Zzero#5604

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