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5xPack +10 Mythic dungeon BFA 2 season

115.00 USD

2019-02-02 06:34:27 83
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Your Rewards
– Weekly chest now contains Titan Residuum for buying Azerite Armor.
– chance to get 0-2 items 400+ ilvl. (We'll trade you gear if it's possible)
– guaranteed 1 item 410+ ilvl in the Weekly Challenger's chest next Wednesday
– some Azerite (Artifact Power)

- No Gear Requirements
- 120 Level character
- Battle for Azeroth Expansion for a chosen account

Additional options
(additional price)
– Bonus loot (1 player with your armor type in party)
– Extra loot (2 players with your armor type in party)
– VIP loot (4 players with your armor type in party)

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