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Power leveling service softcore and hardcore!! real cheap!!

1.00 USD

2019-02-24 22:12:00 162
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100% hand made with a 3 years experience on Path of exile game...
this is a price list but you can create your own custom order if you get in touch with us:

softcore server: 1-70lvl+2labs=20$ 12hours
1-80lvl+3labs=35$ 24 hours
1-90lvl+4labs=50$ 48 hours

harcore server: 1-50lvl+1lab= 20$ 10hours
1-60lvl+1lab=35$ 20hours
1-70lvl+2lab=50$ 36hours

payments can be send with paypal or skrill.... you can talk with us via discord: exiler800#5950

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