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Forcemaster- ice, HM22, incl. Warlock- shadow, HM19- Summoner, HM18- Blademaster, HM13; all lvl 60

1,150.00 EUR

2019-04-13 14:11:27 144
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Pretty nice account with 84 days premium left. Partially TT geared FM (10% XP for left to HM23, AP 1827, brotherhood 43, , all brotherhood stones of violet or orange quality, brotherhood set effect points 660, Ring TT , Neck TT, Weapon: alternativ PVE-path Lvl 6, all in all ready to play high end content), Warlock: VT geared, ...
Accountwide money: in about 900 Gold.
Accountwide tradable goods: in about 4500 Gold.
Lot of stuff, nice gems (view images of FM´s inventory & character info). Much more stuff on warlock, summoner & blademaster)
Includes 4 tickets to change character shape & 1 ticket to create 1 character at lvl 60.

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