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Steam Account with Popular Games! - 3 Years old account, worth buying!

2019-04-21 08:52:53 185
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Steam account with many games, such as:
- 7 Days to Die
- Alien: Isolation
- Amnesia
- Bus Sim 18
- Cities: Skylines
- Dark Souls III
- Darkest Dungeon
- Dead by Daylight
- Euro Truck Sim 2 - with DLCs (East, Northern Countries)
- F1 15,16,18
- For Honor
- The Forest
- Pro Cycling Manager 2017
- Rainbow Six: Siege (will give you Uplay account as well, has many bought characters for $)
- Warhammer: Vermintide 2
- Welcome to the Game 2
- Wreckfest

My profile is public, so check them all out:
I am open to discussion of the price.

Have a nice day!

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