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2019-04-27 08:45:35 135
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Account Level : 206
Account Name Change Still Available : No
Town Hall Level : 12
PvP Builder Base Level : 6
Wall Levels : 10x-13,82x-12,208x-11
Barbarian King Level : 36
Archer Queen Level : 60 MAX
Grand Warden Level : 30 MAX
Maxed Troops/Troop Levels : Barb,Arc,Giant,Goblin,wall Bkr,loons,wiz,healer,drag,pekka,miner.elctro drag,valk,golem,witch,lava,bowler,rage,heal,jump,freeze,clone,haste ALL MAX
Building/Defense Levels : Defense ALL MAX except walls
Notes : #Y8UG0YLQ----961 GEMS,TITAN II,5450 ALL TIME BEST,1632 WAR STARS,Eagle Artely 1X 3,Workshop 1x 3

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