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2019-05-26 04:10:54 168
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Level: 75
Mastery Score: 193
Blue Essence: 7500+
Champions: 49
Skins: 22
Ranked: Season 6 Platinum, Season 7 Diamond, Season 8 Platinum, Season 9 Diamond (Currently)
Emotes: 16
Ward Skins: 9
Honor Level: 1
This account has never been banned before
It also has the Beta Cup Banner Level 1 from April 14, 2018

For Anti-Scam purposes, I will record our transaction and u may do the same.

Add me in discord (Mark?#4888) if u want to talk to me or have any questions
I can also provide more screenshots about whats in the hextech crate section
for available skins, available champions, and orange essence.

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payment verified
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