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SEA High end Witch 63 Full Tet Boss 6x level 60 29.4 bil cash 70 bil total assets

2019-06-08 14:25:08 214
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Account Details:
SEA server, 16 character slots, 433 energy, 369 contribution points, 30,065 loyalties; 49 pearls; 3725 house fame (family fame fund worth 2.57 mil daily)

Main char: Witch level 63, 264/268 AP (239/243 without crystals) – Accuracy 336, 304 DP(139 evasion 165 damage reduction), 1871 skill points, 188/192 inventory slots, 731 LT weight (base, without gear)

Full TET boss gears:
TET Dandelion Aad Sphera (Caphras enchantment level 2)
TET Kzarka Staff; (Jin Magic Crystal – Addis x2)
TET Kutum Dagger; (Awakened Spirit Crystal x2)
TET Ultimate Parrying Dagger (Awakened Spirit Crystal x1) for PVP
TET Dim Tree Armor (Bon Magic Crystal – Cobelinus, Kydict’s Crystal – Giant)
TET Bgeg Gloves (Jin Magic Crystal – Viper x2)
TET Muskan Shoes; (Combined Magic Crystal – Macalod x2)
TET Giath Helmet; (Jin Magic Crystal – Harphia x2)
TET Serap Necklace;
TET Crescent Guardian Ring; Capotia Ring;
TET Red Coral Earrings; Capotia Earring; Capotia Belt;

Urugon shoes (unenchanted)
Griffon helmet (unenchanted)
1x Offin Tett Box
1x Kutum Box
1x Nouver Box
40x Shakatu Seals

Skill points:


Ranger 60; Mystic 60; Tamer 60; DK 60; Lahn 60; Archer 60 (4/6 decently geared boss alts); Sorc 57; War 57; Kunoichi 57; Valkyrie 57; Musa 57; Maehwa 57; Striker 56; Berserker 13; Wizard 13;

Alts gear:

Total Assets: 69.87 billions, including 29.4 billions in cash; 10.91 billions in storage items and 29,56 billions on gear (main & alts included);


Fail stacks:
40,15,4,15,15,15,20 on characters
Advice of Valks (5x +50; 4x +40, 4x +35, 4x +30, 1x +25, 1x + 22, 1x +21, 9x +20, 2x +17) on Witch

Enchantment supplies: x848 memory fragments, x39 Artisan memory; x560 concentrated armor black stone; x512 concentrated weapon black stone; x15498 armor black stone; x5103 weapon black stone; x403 caphras stone; x295 Cron stone; x166 Valks’ Cry.

Pearls, Loyalties and Event items:

Costumes: for witch (Tritch Premium Set; Rakshande Premium Set; Labreve Premium Set; Charles Rene Set; Karlstein Set; Epheria Marine Set; Lahn Arcien Robe R; for ranger (Sylvia Premium Set); for DK (Sin Terrna Premium Set); for Mystic (Banha Premium Set); for Tamer (Heidel Masquerade Set + separate weapons); for Sorc (Karlstein Classic Set + separate weapons); for Warrior (Goyen Premium set); for Kunoichi (Sicarious Classic Set); for Musa (Wilderness Classic Set); for Maehwa (Red Moon Classic Set); for Valkyrie (Enslar Premium Set); for Lahn (Karlstein Classic Set Box, unopenned).

Horse outfit: Divine Lahr Arcien Horse Gear Set (on witch); Dark Thorn Barding+Dark Thorn Stirrups+Trina Knight Champron (on ranger); Karlstein Barding (on DK)

Pets: 6x level 10 Tier 3; 3x level 10 Tier 2; 5x Level 10 Tier 1 (+15% exp, +10% skill exp effect bonus included)
Maids: 3x transaction maids, 4x storage maid, character slots: x16
Inventory: +8 on Archer; +13 on Ranger; 188/192 on Witch
Weight: +350 LT on Witch

2x Value Pack (30 days), 3x Value Pack (7 days);
4x Kamasylve Blessing (7 days), 7x Kamasylve Blessing (1 days);
1x Merv’s Palette (30 days); 1x Merv’s Palette (15 days); 2x Merv’s Palette (7 days); 1x Merv’s Palette (1 day);
39x Artisan’s Memory; 13x Elion’s Tear, 5x Elion Blessing; 1x Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit Set (7 days);

Mounts: 1x tier 7 level 30 on Witch (full skills); 1x tier 8 level 21 (Drift) on DK; 1x level 20 tier 5 (sprint&IA) on ranger, 1x tier 5 (sprint&IA) on Lahn, several fishing boats and Bartali sailboat licenses
Life skills: Fishing master 18 (on witch); Cooking Master 6 (on ranger); Processing Skilled 9 (on Witch), Gathering Professional 6 (on ranger); Trading Professional 6 (on witch)

Worker Empire: 70 (40/70 are artisans, rest are profesional and several skilled workers), easy money per hour without having to grind =)

Daily Income: - 5mil daily from guild (very friendly, no NW or PVP committment at all)
- 2,57mil daily from family fame (3725 points in total)
Tittle info: 439 acquired (progress 31.1%), tittle stats bonus: luck level 3, max energy +5, exp +6%, max stamina +50.

Original ownership, account comes with email

Price: 2500$ (Negotiable)

Feel free to contact me at; havile17 (Skype); or Navy#8702 (Discord) -> (prefered)

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