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Selling my Level 24 Steam Account

50.00 EUR

2019-06-11 08:25:06 36
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Hello there,
I am selling my Level 24 Steam Account 【with 2 fresh VAC Bans】.
I know paying for an Steam Account with even 1 VAC Ban wouldn't be worth paying much, but the least Price i want is 50€.
I spended good Money on this Account and usually i would sell it without the VAC Bans for at least 100€, since i am in need for Money and i am quitting Gaming anyways.
If you don't like it, then don't buy it. Simple as that. But i am not gonna sell this Account for lower than 50 Bucks.

☯ Small FAQ... ☯

1. For which Games is this Account VAC Banned ?
Black Ops 2 Multiplayer + Zombies & Counter Strike Global Offensive.
To be more exact: (BO2 for ESP Hacking and CS:GO for Auto Bhopping)

2. Why do you even sell this Account if it's VAC Banned ?
Since i just don't want to delete it and i spended too much Money for it. Also i am in need for Money.
There might be also People who can ignore the fact that it's VAC Banned and can live & deal with it.

3. How much Money did you spend exactly on this Account ?
Something above 280€ already. Steam Sites which shows you the Value of Steam Accounts are Trash. I know it better, since i calculated all the Prices for the bought Games, DLCs etc.


★ Deeper Informations about the Account itself ★

- Level 24
- 2 fresh VAC Bans
- Around 38 Games + a few Included In-Game DLCs
- 2 Softwares (Wallpaper Engine + AppGameKit)
- 26 Steam Backgrounds
- 19 Badges
- 28 Steam Emojis
- 102 Steam Inventory Items + 175 KF2 In-Game Items and a few other random In-Game Items


✌ ️If someones interested, feel free to Contact me here. ✌ ️

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