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Sell 2 accounts EUW and EUNE

35.00 EUR

2019-06-19 13:40:43 90
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Selling 2 accounts EUNE: DLeigh has SKT1 Ryze Vandal Jax Suprise party amumu Vicorious orianna Blood Moon Shen Nottingham ezreal Baker Panteon Deathblossom elise foxfire ahri Victorious graves Spectral Fiddlesticks Shamrock malphite Academy ekko Commando Garen Sheriff Caitlyn Pool party renekton Nemesis jax nightraven fiora Workshop nunu and willump mecha malphite (all chromas) Swamp master kennen Cottontail teemo Tradiational karma surfer singed Frostblade irelia Unchained Alistar Judgement kayle Ravager nocture Riot girl tristanna

EUW: Drake Leigh has Glacial Malphite Asylum Shaco Odyssey Yasuo Count Vladimir Victorius graves Eternal sword yi omega squad fizz SKT1 T1 ZYRA Surprise party fiddlesticks Prehistoric chogath Siren Cassiopeia Jayce Brighthammer Mecha Malphite Victorious Maokai Sultan Tryndamare Warden Karma Lord Mordekaiser Viking tryndamere championship zed riot kayle Super galaxy kindred Project Fiora Definitely not blizcrank Dunkmaster darius Grim reaper karthus Victorious sivir Spooky gangplank Dark candy fiddlesticks prehistoric anivia undertaker yorick Frozen terror Nocturne Warring kingdoms xin zhao sandstorm ekko transcended kayle Runeguard volibear Victorious Morgana Renegade talon SKT T1 Lee sin Unchained alistar Dreadknight garen General Wukong BOOM BOOM Blitzcrank

Contact me through steam: DrakeLeigh Discord: drakeleigh#1017 Email:

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