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dear legendary subscriber!

we are so glad to make u happy and welcome to instruction and useful tips:

Instruction for linking account to the device:

All purchase accounts contain a unique Gmail which can be used to logging in.

Important: change your Gmail password immediately after sign in!

1. All of the CRID available (Clash Royale ID) accounts are simple and fully secure to connect and play. Simply enter the game by your Gmail and make a supercell Id for yourself, have fun!

2. If u want to transfer accounts between android and IOS and u don’t know how, see Video below:
Android to ios vice versa

3. If u want to purchase items in the game and can’t find anything in shop menu u must change the country of your Play Store

4. If u have any problem related to signing in to your Gmail, check your connection first, if the problem remained to check your synced Gmail accounts in setting > Accounts

5. Feel free to contact us at

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