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WTS HM22 1.9K AP Gunslinger with Incinerator9 /Full PVP Items [NA Yura]

2019-07-19 05:20:48 138
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WTS HM22 Gunslinger. 10 alts including VT gear HM19 FM with mid tier PVP items.


Descendant of the Gold Dragon title (reach platinum rank - 1900+ elo rating in beluga lagoon battlegrounds)
Almost all PVP gear near max (incinerator 9, stage 10/awk3), with a fair bit of psyches
All TT stage 10/GC6 with all GC9 materials, nearly all psyches
~10k HMC remaining
9 gunslinger alts with lv.60 and 1 FM alt

I accept multiple forms of payment and currency (CAD, USD, Euro, GBP), however I cannot accept US-only based payment methods such as zelle, etc.

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