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WTS HM23 2K AP Blade Dancer with True Thunder Talisman, Incinerator 3+/Full PVP Items [NA Yura]

1,200.00 USD

2019-07-19 05:27:32 74
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WTS HM23 Blade Dancer.


191 sacred oils (worth over $500), 27 pet pods, 27 divine grace stone, 1 year premium + premium outfit

All purple unity stones
True Thunder Talisman (450 pet pods and materials), extremely valuable in PVP.
10/10 hongmoon point scrolls used.
All PVE items pre-ET update are fully max including psyches.
PVE - incinerator 3-6, high tier. Top 3-5 in battlegrounds ladder rankings last season.
I believe this is a beta account with the highest tier founder's edition bonuses including titles, etc.)

I accept multiple forms of payment and currency (CAD, USD, Euro, GBP), however I cannot accept US-only based payment methods such as zelle, etc.

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